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Jeep Tour and Climbing

The most famous sites of Wadi Rum for climbing are Burdah Rock Bridge and the highest mountain of Jordan, Jebel Um Ad Dami.

The climb up on to the Burdah Rock Bridge takes around 3 hours. Burdah Rock Bridge is one of the highest natural formed arches in the world. Approximately 300 meters above the desert floor, it offers some of the most stunning views of the protected area. This climb requires individuals to be of a moderate fitness level and you will have to do some actual rock climbing to reach the arch! (No ropes are used during this climb).

To climb up to the highest mountain of Jordan, Jebel Um Ad Dami, you also do not need to use ropes. It is a fairly easy climb straight up, giving you absolutely incredible views over Wadi Rum desert and Saudi Arabia. Jebel Um Ad Dami is 1854 meters high and it takes around 5 hours to climb up to the top of Jordan!

Make sure you bring good sturdy shoes with you when you like to enjoy climbing in Wadi Rum.

All details and prices are upon request for climbing in Wadi Rum desert. If you are an experienced climber and you want more challenging mountains to climb, just get in touch with us. We are here to help you make your dream holiday to Jordan come true!