Little Petra Bedouin Camp Little Petra Bedouin Camp Little Petra Bedouin Camp Little Petra Bedouin Camp
Little Petra Bedouin Camp is situated 5 km from the entrance of the world heritage site of Petra tucked inside one of the Little Petra most beautiful sunset and sunrise locations. It is one of the best locations  you can see both the white and red deserts without the need to travel long distances. Camel rides and jeep tours can be arranged. Or put on your hiking shoes and explore Little Petra by foot. Decorate your hands with Henna, learn the traditions of making Bedouin coffee or book our baking bread experience and learn how to bake the traditional Bedouin bread Arboud on open fire.

Little Petra Camp is owned and operated by a Bedouin family from Petra and it is an eco-friendly camp that offers a traditional & real Bedouin experience. All tents are private (Single Tents, Twin/Double Tents), but the bathrooms and the showers are shared. Each tent is equipped with beds, mattresses, blankets and pillows. Little Petra Camp offers easy access to major archaeological sites. Sleeping under the stars is an amazing way to experience the desert. Everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime.

Guests can enjoy the traditional Bedouin cuisine served at the camp. You are invited to help staff prepare a traditional meal according to local traditions. Also, you can relax by the camp fire in the evening. The traditional Bedouin meals that are cooked in the camp are: Zarb (chicken or goat cooked under the desert sand, generically known as “zarb” in the same way as we might say “a roast”. This has a barbecue flavor, but is very moist and falls off the bone: try to be nearby when they unearth it as the smell released is gorgeous!). Also Mansaf, Magluba; vegan and vegetarian options … Tea, coffee and other hot beverages are offered all day. You won’t be able to avoid the Bedouin tea, which is almost forcibly served in every tent you will visit. It’s hot, very sweet and usually flavored with mint or sage. It’s surprisingly refreshing on a hot day and you may develop a slight addiction to it.

We are Bedouins who want to share our hospitality with you at Little Petra Bedouin Camp with our nomadic roots, we understand and respect nature, striving to protect it as we enjoy it.

We look forward to welcome & see you in Jordan & Little Petra Bedouin Camp.